Life Insurance: Your Financial Safety Net

The people who need life insurance do not have it. More than half who have it are not covered enough. Life insurance in America seems to be going beyond the reach of the working class.

You are setting goals, implementing plans and monitoring your finances. A retirement plan, a house and other investments may be a part of your goals. Insurance is a part of a sound financial plan. Insurance always covers the unexpected part. Have you ever searched for life insurance quotes or finding out information from life insurance companies to insure your life?

The question you need to ask yourself is; who are the persons depending on my income? Your spouse, children, aged parents will be the usual answer. Single parent families have increase and the loss of the earning member can cripple this household. Having provided for the dependent members of your family even when you are not around is a comforting assurance. Life insurance can give you this assurance in the uncertain times we face. If you have mis-concepts of life insurance it is best to clear them right away.

Life insurance is not going to pay just for your funeral expenses. Your child’s education may depend on these funds. It can help pay mortgages, other household expenditure or even the estate taxes. Without life insurance benefits the family is vulnerable to dramatic adjustments to cater to their needs when the bread earner is no more.
A working Mom’s safety net?

o Life insurance is taken by working mothers so that their heirs are not burdened with debts in case they are not longer around.

o Single Mom’s faced more pressure and as the sole breadwinner need to take up a life insurance policy to cover the costs of child care and education. A college education can also be quite expensive and the policy could be of help when your child reaches college.

o Young couples need to get a life insurance policy as it provides a safety net. This is a necessity for families with small savings. The responsibilities are huge and the spouse and kids can be supported by the insurance amount.

o The burden on the other savings that you have can be eased a little when you have a life insurance policy.

o In case of mortgages and other payments a insurance policy can stand as a better guarantee. The single spouse would find it difficult to make payments on the house mortgage.

o You may also insure your parent who looks after the maintenance of the house and looks after the children.

Housewives are not far behind. In case you are a pre-retired housewife that has had an early retirement to look after the house and the children. You can avail the best insurance policy to safeguard the financial aspect of your family.

A good rule of the thumb in any life insurance policy is that the cover should be two to six times of the annual income. Take into consideration the inflation, potential loans and mortgages, college tuition fees etc …, incase they do not suffice you could always go for a supplemental life insurance policy. This will increase the coverage.