An Overview of Life Insurance Policies and the Decisions to Be Made

Many people feel like they should have a life insurance policy but are a bit confused about them. They have questions like: do they even need a policy, what type of policies are available, and how much coverage should you include on your policy. These questions are valid points and we will take a look at each one of them to help try and clear them up for you.

The first question about whether you actually need a policy is a good question. The answer is that it depends on your circumstances. For example if you are single, in your early 20’s and have no dependents then the answer is “not really.” Under this type of situation you can wait a few years before buying a policy or until your situation changes.

Once you have dependents however, the answer becomes “yes.” Life insurance is a way to guarantee that your spouse or child could continue to live they way you had planned in the event of your death. So once you decide to marry and/or have children it becomes important to protect their futures. So what type of life insurance policy should you get?

There are actually two types of policies to choose from. One is whole life and the other is term life. Whole life is a policy that will cover you from the time your policy is written until your death. This type of policy is generally more expensive because the insurance company knows that eventually they are going to have to pay out. Term life however is set for a specific amount of time. These policies can be for 10, 20, or even 25 years. They are less expensive as the insurance company is playing the odds that you will outlive the policy.

Determining how much insurance you need is very important. What you want to take a look at is your current situation and then leave room for changes. For example you want to make sure that your spouse can keep up with all your current financial obligations for at least 10 years. This helps to keep the surviving spouse from having to make any drastic changes and allows them to keep all the plans that you have made together. These things could include sending your kids to college, paying off the mortgage, or perhaps your spouse does not work and this type of financial backing would give them time to attend school, get a degree and a good career before having to worry about money.

When you enter a place in life when other people are depending on your for support and their livelihood it is time to seriously consider getting a life insurance policy. Having the right policy with the right amount of coverage are two of the most important aspect when choosing your policy. Sit down with your spouse and take a serious look at your financial situation and how it would be for the next 10 years and use that information to choose the right life insurance policy for you and your family.